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interested? wanna win something? Join this Jipaban contest :D

Ever heard of Jipaban? What is it? Jipaban is an online boutique shop which offers many nice apparels, accessories for us, girls to shop! Also, they have apparels and accessories for guys too! The prices there are affordable and not over charged. Not only that you can buy things from them, interested retailers can also sell their products on Jipaban! So click here to check it out now: . They also had many bigs sales before like the 'Black Friday Sales' or something. Yup.

 If, you're so so soooo busy that you cant find time to shop for new clothings to wear on Chinese New Year, which is like next next week? Yeah its soon! Then try purchasing online @ jipaban! You can opt for postages and when you purchase over $100, there will be a free next day delivery to your house! Isn't it awesome :D? You dont have to go down all the way to town just to browse through shops to buy cny clothings.

CNY lookbook For Her :
CNY lookbook For Him :

some of the items from jipaban.
so start your cny shopping now :DDDD

i know right, its monday tomorrow. Which means, school starts, works starts, relax/enjoyment will have to wait till the next weeked ::/. Got it from 9gag again haha. Btws, Chinese New Year is coming soon LOL.


Lor mee for breakfast :D 

homework. Emaths: Arc Lengths and Sector Areas

yeah finished it last night before i sleep haha. I'm not very good at statistics for emaths even though i know, those are the give away questions lol. Haha cause i find the chapter very dry and .. :/ you get what i mean somehow right :D? LOL. Nah, idk how explain haha. Gonna have tuition later, physics. 5pm yup. Funny things is, now what i'm learning in tuition is what i am doing last year LOL so yup, is like revision lor hehe. So far .. i have not done any serious revision T.T mehhh ..

 Is by hugging a man could get a woman pregnant, shit just got serious. #lol

Dumb girl poses

from 9gag again haha can see most of the common and usual zilian (camwhore) poses there LOL

my latest favourite snack. haha oatmeal raisin biscuits/cookies :D

'One  Day' by David Nicholas

hehe ps i lazy go tilt the picture ;x. this is the new story book i bought yesterday. Haha, many of my friends don't believe that i actually read LOL. Yeah i do read. I enjoy reading, of course if the book is nice haha :) but some books are just not my type :/ .. like you know so confusing and everything. Yeah .. gonna give this book a try haha. Daddy always dont really like me buying books cause he says ' since library have, might as well go library borrow, no need waste money.' True, but i always lazy go return so .. end up ..i always owe library money ... hmmmm ...

so i guess thats all for today yeah :)? haha. ciaos~ enjoy your sunday :b


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