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some type of anime girls which may want to consider to have them as your waifu :D Haha, got them from my friend's fb. Yup, its finally friday hur! Like tgif LOL. Yeah, btws my blog views are decreasing again >: .. omg why like this x.x! Maybe cause i keep scheduling post, my blog posts are boring or whatever lol :/ ..
2 pair of anime twins

okay la, btws i also dont really have much to blog today haha. I think most of the schools have half day for today only right? Yup. But as for my school, we have lessons till 10am then celebration then home .. so i guess is some sort of a half day or something o.o? LOL idk ;x

sigh .. feeling lazy and all now. Omg x.x

Sushi Etiquette, teaching you how to eat sushi lol but to me idc one :d haha. Just stuff the whole sushi into my mouth ;x i like wasabi! Idk why haha esp when i have block nose or anything i'll purposely go and eat wasabi then my block nose okay liao haha. Dont understand what i mean? Try it next time then :). Wasabi isn';t spicy at all, its just .. "choking"? Idk, haha direct translate from chinese 'qiang' LOL.

so i guess thats all for today short and crappy post. Ciaos~~ Will blog again tmr :)


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