Friday, January 6, 2012 at 5:47 PM with

Black Rock Shooter (OVA)

Short anime haha, less than 10 episodes LOL. I think its a game if not wrong haha. So hey, TGIF, thank god its friday and finally its friday. But yeah was kinda sad cause didn't manage to finish most of my homework in school >: nowadays i try to do them quickly and leave them inschool and yeah, less homework over the weekend and etc haha. Oh, and ps for not blogging daily nowadays D: just follow me on twitter yeah :)? Ps uh nowadays no time blog x.x but i'll try :/ ..

No idea who she is haha. Some anime girl, or manye she's from a game or just a fan art :/

yeah sec 4 life is different from sec3, homework wise still okay. Oh ya, btws tmr my school have CCA open house hehe ^^. So happy that this year more sec 1's joining my cca and some are not bad, with base. Xinqi is joining too, she's my junior from primary school haha so qiao. I was happy when i heard she in beatty and she joing wushu and it has been like 1yr or so since i last met her hehe.

Hatsune Miku

okay la pretty short post, overall first week of 2012 is not bad. Haha, hopefully good days continue till the rest of this year. off to faster finish up my admin paperworks for cca x.x



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