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Some random anime girl haha. idk, but she just resembles Sheimi from 'Ao No Exorcist' .. to me.

first and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone :D. Wishing all good health throughout the entire year of dragon haha. And of course for those who are taking o levels, like me, jys in your studies! Work hard and leave no regrets :) But maybe there are still some wishing world would end so that they dont have to see their results or whatever lololol.

And yes, another random anime girl, or maybe from a game or just a fan art.

So hihi! How's everyone's first day of chinese new year? Haha, i bet many are happy because they're receiving angpaos which means ... $$$$. LOL. If one day, all youngsters and everyone only have the thought of angpaos in their head/mind/soul/heart when they hear 'Chinese New Year' ... LOL WHERE IS THE TRADITIONAL CULTURE.  Okay neh mind, i also dont know what i'm saying :/.

Just watched Mirrai Nikki and had my dinner haha. Well today was pretty quiet, the gatherings are fine and etc. Oh and my grandma is sick >: like seriously real sick :/ she keeps coughing like non stop x.x gaaahh. You know, she rarely fall ill, so idk why but she's taking quite some time to recover this time :/ .. I hope she get well soon... Yeah.

another random anime girl lol. 

and yeah, i have not finish my homework yet -.- LOL. Siah laaaa .... gonna have to chiong them once and for all and so that tmr i can sleep early hehe. Gonna try to use my speed for chiong manga on my homework ... But need to do them properly >: ... eeeeeeeeeee. LOL. I have to do them properly haha. The only homework i never once receieve so far since the starting of the year is ... Pure Physics. Yeah ikr! Haha my teacher like cool only niah LOL but at the same time ... i feel insecure w/o homeworks ;x LOL like whaaaaaat??!!

oh ya and i saw Adeline today while visiting my relative somewhere at upp boon keng or kallang idk lol. Just somewhere there i guess ;x hehe. Yeah was pretty surprise to see her haha.

okay so i guess thats all for today, enjoy your day sleep early or maybe play mahjong and get drunk o.o? Haha whatever and those people who are playing blackjacks or mahjong, all the best and win lots of $$$$ eh :D. Ciaos~ time for shower LOL.


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