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Hi all~ Good morning :) Sorry for the lack of post nowadays x.x Yeah i just woke up not long ago and here i am, like the girl in the above picture, using computer haha.

Guess who is she from Nyan Koi :)? Heh.

downloading songs now. Going to blog fast cause i have lots of homework to do>: yeaaah. HOMEWORKS. LOL. Oh well, gonna jys and finish all of them by today ^^. Lucky i finish some of them already and left them in school hehe. I HOPE MY HOMEWORK DOESN'T GET STOLEN D; Please dont steal my homework tyvm and do your homework by yourself :).

Anws, tomorrow is the release of results for o level's right? Sol good luck and all the best to all those who are getting back their results. Yup. And me .. gonna take back my chinese results :/ ... kinda worry cause if i didnt get an A1/A2 . .. i have to drop higher mother tongue >: Sigh .... *pray hard*

had CCa open house yesterday, yup. And thats my CCA haha Martial Arts/Wushu. This 3 thing damn cute lor seriously LOL. Yeah, thanks mdm toh for making it with the help of some others haha. WAs quite happy cause quite a few number of people join my CCA :) and some of them have base. Also, XinQi joined too :D. Hehe, XinQi is my primary school junior, yup. Haha she enter the school, i leaving the school. She's damn cheeky also la. Looking forward to cca nowadays ;x

After open house, went home rest and get changed and bathe. Get Mel's present and went to Serangoon Nex to meet her :D. hehe, my best friend since primary 5. And i'm proud to say i am her best friend too :D muahahahahahha LOL. WEnt to eat some friend chicken LOL. And she introduced me her boyf!! Awww, haha they look cute together and he is friendly and approachable haha. Easy to talk too.

had cheese fries while waiting for our chicken. The cheese is like cold one :/ .. but not bad la, for my hungry stomach LOL.

Mel's face while opening the present i gave her haha. Yeah we are doing super belated x'mas gift exchange LOL. Yup, hope she likes what i give her. I gave her a long sleeve tee that says 'Best Friend' or something and her iphone 4s case yup. and she gave me....


haha i dont understand why she so scared i dont like her presents LOL. Is like, wow and i really really really like it, HONESTLY. Had one more plushie/tedy bear to add on to my current collection haha. Another necklace to add on to my accessories collection and another purse! HAHA. btws, i seriously loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee purses. I dont really like long wallets :/ .. i like them small like the one she gave me, can put cards and money inside hehe. Yup, love ya babe :D i really like you presents okay!

and then we went to SASA. Yeah she saving money to buy sachool bag. Bought lots of the aloe masque, yeah io really like them a lot and now they have promotion again, uh buy 2 get 1 free. So i bought like 9 og them haha. I use them like almost daily to hydrate my skin. Its just put 5 to 10 ins and wash it off. Then another 3 mask packs behind (omg i have to stop buying mask laio >:) and a Avocado hand cream. Yup. Nowadays i have been using hand creams LOL.

So yup, thats all for today. At least i did a proper post, compare to the previous one hahahah. Off to my homework :D. Ciaos~ and enjoy your sunday ^^

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