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hi people! Its saturday :D haha. Gonna have to try chiong finish all my homework at one go hehe :) but before that i'm gonna take a quick shower first haha. Mum and bro just came back and left again, lol, to buy back lunch. So while waiting, i shall blog a little and upload like a few, okay la actually only 3 LOL, pictures from yesterday :) hehe if you follow me on twitter, they're just repeated photos haha.

Had lunch with kamesh yesterday, ate nasi bryani mutton hehe. I like the rice a lot and idk why LOL and yeah mutton and chicken are my favourite source of protein i guess? Yup. Then after i finish eating my lunch, then i went to get my yogurt (picture above duh lol). Peach frozen yogurt with fruity pebbles cornflakes for toppings :D! Yeah, thats my favourite topping haha. i always only add that to like almost every single yogurt i ordered ;x

The yesterday two of my parcel arrived :D Hehe so happy. Now all the accessories i ordered online has arrived :D Yeah so i'm like all ready to go for chinese new year LOL. With so many accessories to mix and match with haha even though new year is like only 2 days or so haha.

okay so thats kinda all for today, pretty short update haha. Gopnna have to chiong homework and go for tuition later and maybe "pay a visit' to my uncle :) yup. So thats all! Ciaos~ enjoy your weekend and chinese new year :D

lol btws .. some videos of deekosh to entertain you :D Hehe, he was on BBC yesterday @ 11pm! Haha yeah talking about SOPA i guess.


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