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yo! Hihi people :D i'm back blogging again hah, okay la actually i got nothing much to blog. School is like usual, as per normal haha. Yup and yeah chinese new year is just like only a few days away!! :D. How's everyone's preparation for it and have you guys and girls out there picked out your outfit yet? Haha. Better hurry :) hehe. Nowadays i dont really watch a lot of animes :/ .. yeah haha. Instead during breaks/dinner time, i watched hello baby (shinee) LOL. Its funny! and ya i know la, that show is like a year ago lol but whatever :D

hehe my accessories for new year !! So happy when i received them like on tuesday. Cause tuesday afternoon i tweeted that how i wish that it would arrive faster haha and omg it really did! Well, this is just a "small" portion of the things i bought haha. If interested to know where i get my accessories from, formspring/tweet to me :) Seriously, prices for all these accessories are damn affordable and reasonable. And all the accessories are in good condition and none of them is spoilt or anything, yup.

And guess what? Free normal mail for those who spent like $30 and above in total :) hehe.


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