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hi peeeps :D! i'n blogging from my nokia N9 ^^ hehe. yeah cause i'm like currently outside lol, so yup. now, i'm at bishan library, its just beside j8. went studying with deepag, rizuan and kamesh (i tweeted about it too lol). Rajes joined us later. She have to do some discussion with Rizuan regarding the next year sec 1 orientation camp haha. i cant upload any pics from phone :( which is like sian lol cause all words haha. shall upload pictures tonight ^^. shall resume studies now ~~

sigh people spent christmas and eve outside having fun, while here i am trying to clear my homework LOL. Just sad or what haha.


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okay, i'm finally home LOL! Gonna post some pictures i taken today haha. Because what i want to blog about is above hehe. Had amaths tuition just now, was leeching on free wifi and didn't pay muchy attention to second half of the lesson x.x eeeeks, hehe ;x was busy tweeting and smsing away haha. Shit, santa is gonna put me on the bad girl list LOL. Nooo x.x!

 see my geog n-level paper there? YA YA I GOT STUDY LOL. Yeah, not much .. had to eat these tiramisu sweets to you know hehe. Its nice you know! Esp the red ones! Which is milk chocolate flavour hahaha.

mum brought back this huge teddy bear yesterday LOL. She was like 'eh faster help me find place put, if not your daddy home cfm angry one." HAHAHA, cute siah she. Then she ask if i want the bear. I was like anything, cause i really really like soft toys haha, but at the sdame time my room no space to put already x.x my bed also like full liao, put some more soft toys .. then there'll be no space for me to sleep already haha.

 I fb-ed about this also. Uh this is a brownie which i bought back from korea, and its nice seriously! Mad nice haha. Should have like buy more la walao >: now my brownie stocks are depleting fast x.x Meow ~~

My geography paper again lol. I wonder when will i be able to finish them. I seriously prefer maths most among all my subject. Erm, amaths, then emaths, then chem then etc etc. Idk why haha. I just find them challenging and fun o.o . Ya, and people like Damien keep saying that i'm weird LOL.

See those four pictures above? YES THE ONE IN RED IS MY UNICORN - THE INFAMOUS DEEPAG CHARAN LOL. Applause for him tyvm. His dream is to be a bollywood superstar btws haha. Well, deepag, is like our school favourite? Yeah, cause he's nice to bully LOL. Not saying that we bully him till very bad and he doesn't mind us bullying cause he's a masochist. No la, he's not a M. Its just that he gets along well with everyone and he knows that we're not really like "bullying" him - e.g. beating him up and stuff. Its more of like playing prank on him haha. He should be somewhere in malaysia now.

Those 4 pics, i took when he was listening to kamesh talking and didn't notice until the 4th pic he realise then he request say he want pose one nice one for me to take and so ...

his request fulfilled :D LOL

hehe rajes, i dont think she know i took this picture :b 


Rajes and Rizuan .. sitting so far away from me. End up i alone at the table there >; ... #foreveralone. LOL. No la, they not couple btws. Just that they need tom plan for next year sec 1 camp stuff then rajes brought her laptop and the plug is like there so she have to move there haha. And i did some maths, *feels proud*. SEE I CAN STUDY MATHS !!! ;D

after that, i left around 4.30 pm cause have tuition @ at amk hub at 5pm. Tuition was not bad today, revison of trigo, yeap. Then after tuition of course go back home la HAHA.

see this? Its the seaweed i bought from korea, bbq flavoured. Ever since i'm back from korea, i'm addicted to seaweed .. like totally all over again LOL. Who doesn't love seaweed :D? Haha. The bbq flavour one is finished, now left the wasabi one which is equally awesome. Every dinner will be having seaweed until i'm sick of it yo! Haha #lol

 and last but not least .. before i end my post ...

TAAA-DAAA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVE CHEONG :D! DArling, you're 14 like finally haha! Yeah, she's a christmas eve baby, thats why she's name eve lol. If you guys read my blog last year, yeah i went to her birthday party. Had bbq and cakes.

so thats all for today, merry merry x'mas eve. gonna blog again tmr cfm ^^v. For anime/vocaloid lovers, stay tune my next post :b heh, got many anime pics up haha. Ciaos~~~ i need to shower now lol.


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