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 Before i start blogging ...

ZZZZZZZZ i hate the current blogger like fug only. i want to copy paste picture (because when uploaded, they are not in order) then either my picture jumps all the way to the top of the post or just you know, fucking disappeared -.- Seriously? I was like 'okay i gonna give it a try (the new blogger posting)' and i'm like piss of with it already ._. Gmail changed, blogger changed, so did facebook, youtube and some mobile twitters .. i get it okay? Virtual makeover -'- stop doing unnecessary changes just stay that way lol.

okay done, back to blogging.

So hi peeps, sorry for not blogging yesterday .. was rather lazy lol. Yeah, went out the whole day with Melissa Heng! My all-time best friend haha. Got blog about her a few times so probably those who read my posts like few months back would know her haha. Cause she's moved from yck to puggol >: (i live at amk!!) and we're different sec school now .. so yup. She's currently attach HAHAHA.

So firstly we met around 11.30am at amk mrt then we went to amk hub to eat then we went to do our nails. Yeah that her choosing her nail colour LOL. She did yellow, which i once did before and i had my nais painted pastel purple hehe love it! Had to trim my nails though, so that it wont crack :/

After that we took MRT all the way to bugis to do shopping haha bought lots of stuff, i mean me haha, cause mel didn't bring much and she doen't want to spend much so yup haha.

had crepe for lunch. Mine was filled with strawberry, nutella and cream. Mel's one had banana, choclate sauce, cream and orea bits. She eat damn slow can!!!! Haha

went to bugis junction after shopping for like 2 or 3 hrs straight haha. We had lots of fun at the neoprint machine there cause its damn nice and we wanted to take another one cause the effect and decorating materials are damn pretty haha. $12 but worth the price i guess haha. Good lighting, nice backgrounds and you can doodle and beautify your picture as much as you want.

Then after the neoprint we head down to tampines (far hur :/) because i need to help my grandma to collect her shoe for the korea trip. Yup, she's coming with us hehe. Its timberland and in black cause so that after she come back from the trip she still can uh wear this pair of shoes to work. Healthy grandma ftw \m/

okay so here are my loots i got from bugis! Not much i guess haha. 2 long sleeves 1 tee-shirt, 1 tanktop, 2 rings, 2 key chain (the other one is not in either pic cause i went to use it on my camera hehe), a big brown ribbon bow and a brown mini sling bag. I saw this pair of heels, freakin nice, Mel agrees too haha, ut sadly its like $20 and i pok liao by that time LOL. I usually wont spend more than $20 per item in bugis cause i dont hink its worth it haha. Overall i spend yesterday in bugis is about $70. okay la not bad. Best buy i guess is the brown sling bag cause its kinda similar or the same as the one i always weanted to buy in PG Mall (online taiwan spree) but its ex. I got mine for $8 hehe.


then when we go tampines i pass by SASA, yeah i love SASA! Who doesn't? Hehe, got 2 sheets of masks for my feet, it was a buy 1 get 1 free :D Hehe and oh, you see the yellow bottle there? Is a hair mask, put it in for 3 to 5 mins after shampoo-ing your hair and then just wash it off. Its awesome though, first impression! Gonna give it a few more try and give the final verdict hehe. First tried yesterday night and guess how much i got it for? Its just freaking $1.95!!!! They say that the $1.95 for the hair mask (plus its like such a big bottle wtf) is for a limited period only, after some time it will go back to uh $3.90? Yeah, so you can buy one and try though.

Up next is things bought from mamtiam! Yeah i spent at least a $100 over here. In total i bought like 2 jackets, 1 maxi dress, 4 shorts, 1 skirt and 2 dresses. Thats like 10 items for about $100? Isn't it like $10 per piece? Mad cheap right!?? omg, wtf i know HAHA.

Well, its that cheap because 'Mamatiam' is having a clearance sale now!!!! You know what does clearance means right? It can only mean one thing - buying things at dirt cheap prices! And i really like their service and quality, its not bad and worth the price, so why now give 'mamatiam' a try? Idk when is the mega clearance going to end but seriously, almost everything over there is like $10 to $15? And also they sell on first come first serve basis so better hurry and grab what you want before they turn out of stock!

mummy keep asking me to stop shopping cause i got too many things hehe gonna try but i dont care, when i reach korea i'm gonna shop like siao HAHAHA, okay so thats all for today from me haha, see ya guys soon! Shall try blogging in korea, Taking a 2pm flight to korea haha ciaos~~

signing off with this cute little thing hehe. 


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