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 kirino from oreimo imouto!

hi peeeps! I'm back to blogging. Was happy cause ytd my blog has exactly 100 views!! LOL. First time so hi, haha but ya la i think is because when people searching for image then search till my blog .. i mean how many people are actually reading what i post daily? Lawls. 

 X'mas is coming and here are my undone x'mas cards. Yup, i decided to mail them... I KNOWWWWW!! omg, this season is like festive season i sahould have m,ailed my card like 20th or something but ded, i only came back from korea on the 20th x.x argghhh now people are going to receive my card like belated or maybe damn late laaaa x.x idwww this to happen .. i shall be hopeful and keep faith in singpost's service. Yeah, be hopeful. Hopeful at some reaches by 25th (which is kind alike mission impossible -.-)

 Whats this? Its tang yuan! Ps if you cant see the tang yuan carefully cause err .. i put more of the soup LOL causen i like to drink it because its sweet lol simple as that.his is the tang yuan that mummy and grandma made, yup. Its plain. Meaning that inside the tang yuan there's no fillings. I prefer the plain ones than those with peanuts and sesames lol, because i dont like both or them LOL.

and you see those pills on top of my cards? Yeah, i freaking went to see a doctor today. Freaking went -.-. Why? Because okay, i had a little difficulty in breathing cause nit just felt like there's something stuck there and its hard to breathe through my nose, and then cause my throat to be try so i make weird noises sometimes .. i did not moan LOL. My aunt heard and ask me what happens, told her thenshe ask me to go see doctor. But i think that all i got was just a cold, no reason to see a doctor so i said i didnt want to. Imn the end when i thought we're going home, she drove me all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to the clinic's doorstep. (Y) win.

 Went back to father's side grandparents to eat dinner today. Simple dishes, but they're delicious :)

okay so thats all for today, mini post with kirino picture again lol.Hopefully, really, my x'mas card reaches my freinds like by 25th? Or maybe latest like .. 27th? Argh x.x Maybe i should phone santa and he'll you know .. do it for hehe since he's on then way to go and give them presents anws hehe.byes ~~



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