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Awww ~ Kagamine Len looks freaking cute here.

LOL, Yeah i'm currently waiting for my mum to buy back lunch for me hehe. Subway for lunch :D Long time since i last ate subaway haha. Just cut my nails :/ ... cause they look fugly cui and untidy x.x Chipped nails and crack nails wts, and best cause i have been lazy to remove my nail polish so i just let them drop my themselves and now my nails looks kinda yellow O.O

okay and as well all know, yeah everyone on twitter facebook plurk etc etc is saying lol, today is the last day of 2011, and tomorrow is the first day of 2012 hur :). Those who still doesn't know ... WAKE UP TO REALITY LOL. And as expected of me: homework undone LOL HAHA. But no worries, i have thought of a plan  .. hehe :)


Teacher (if only is kagamine ren ;x): So .. have you done your holiday homework? Pass them to the front/hand them up.

Me (copy himeji): huh? Homework?

LOL. if only my teacher is as hot as Len and i'm as cute as himeji .. hmmm it might work LOL. But too bad, i'm not as cute as himeji and my teacher aren't as hot as Len haha. So, plan fail >: Sigh .. so ultimately is still finish as much as possible x.x . Went to buy my books for sec 4 (lol like finally), and my elect history textbook oos D: #@%#^@$%$&&%# is this LOL. Not my fault, it amk's popular ran out of stock :) Heh, so does this means a lot of people take elect histroy? If yes, I HAVE TO CHIONG EVEN HARDER FOR MY A1 ;D!

Okay gonna prepare to go out soon for some ceremony stuff :) haha. Gonna post pics, and some overdues photos maybe, tomorrow. I do upload some photos of the moment or etc on twitter and fb so yup, follow me on twitter or add me on facebook if you want :) But if you're some pervert i'm gonna block you LOL.

hehe omf, kousaka kirino so cuteeee hereeee ~ ♥ LOL why so cutee :D? From Ore no Imouto. and why is she keep doing that action? Cause she's watching her fav anime and dancing & singing to the theme song hehe:

enjoy :D


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