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heehee chibi luka and miku, why so cute one?!?! Haha.

Slept at like 1am plus yesterday night lol cause went to airport t3 to fetch my mum and the epic thing was she too excited to meet us that she grab the wrong bag LOL. Then drag till 12 plus then settled, lucky her bag never kana grab away haha then later reached home around 1am, help mum unpacked her stuff and she pass me things she bought for me hehe!

She got me winter stuffs like pullovers etc cause we're going to korea like next wednesday haha, yup. Can't wait . so have to start homework nowww hehe!

i freaking love mickey/minnie mouse and my mum got me this! A disneyland minnie keychain and a mickey usb connector cable. So in love with it! Haha, and btws when i connect the mickey cable to my cpu, the mickey will like glow, you know those random colours haha, yeah.

Btws, i once posted about 'Seitokai Yakuindomo' right? Well, their OVA episode 2 just came out todayy!! Hehe so happy, for those who are interested, click here to watch : . haha same epicness and full or erotic jokes and nonsense lololol. Its english subbed so no worries. And yesterday i posted about 'IS: Infinite Stratos' and their OVA came out todyy!! Yeahh! Gonna watched it during lunch haha which is pretty soon.

btws add me on twitter:!/RaspberryHeart
have been rather active on twitter nowadays haha spamming tweets and tweet excessively hehe. So yeah, add me on twitter and talk to me! Okay thats all for today, ciaos~


start shopping @ scentedscandals now! Promotions are updated and now scentedscandals offers grab bags! Yes, grab bags! First come first serve! Grab bags will only be dispatch after i come back from korea so that it will be easier that way. I can help you reserve them first :D


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