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hi guys, mini blog post not gonna spam much picture, neither am i going to blog much - just follow me on twitter, i tweet like almost every 5 mins or so haha. Its windy as usual at amk. Currently babysitting bro til grandma is home at around 1.30pm? Yup.Have to seriously chiong homework already hur :/ I know .. i said it many times but stil .. fail lol x.x but I'm not the only one who is like hehe :) So hope that picture above inspire you somehow haha. Okay end of post, short and sweet simple as that. LOL. Gonna post songs here for you guys to enjoy.

Sweet Capsule by Hatsune Miku (vocaloid)

well actually.. i wanted to post this song: Perfume - Nee (ねぇ) . Is really cute and nice, but the youtube uploader doesn't allow people to embed the video code >: so thats means i can't post it here x.x yup. Its really nice, so just click and watch the PV :D. I just keep on replaying this song LOL. And downloaded it ;x



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