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Did Santa visited anyone's house? Hahahaha, santa didn't come and find me >: which means no present from Santa D:  .. LOL ya, i'm 15 and i still can't believe santa isn't real :B nya~ okay gonna spam some anime christmas pictures before i blog about my day so far :) haha. Those who got no interest in the anime photos you can just skipped it haha.



Seto no Hanayome

Miku Hatsune

idk who is she but i find her damn cute xoxox LOL! :D. 

hehe another cute one here ^^

 lucky star + dango! Hehe.

 Miku hatsune again~~ 

Suzumiya Haruhi

Vocaloids (from left to right): Megurine Luka, Miku Hatsune and Kagamine Rin.

 Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku

 Vocaloids again. Hehe, in see Miki. If not wrong the one with green hair is Gumi :)


 And miku again!

LOL okay gonna start blogging. Woke up at like 8am plus in the morning. Yeah ikr, is too early yo wake up for 25 december haha. Well, cause bro and my swimming lesson shift to 9am in the morning at tpy swimming complex so yeap. Thats why.. Ikr .. it rained ytd night .. confirm the pool super cold la >: But oh well, i survived it xD hehe. Swam like 10 freestyles and almost 30 butterfly (lengths) haha. Then after that bathe and went for brunch.

Guess where i had my brunch at? Haha.

Ahh .. miso soup + clam .. why you so nice :DDD!! Hehe. *hint: jap food*

Looks damn delicious right :b .. special x'mas set meal or something LOL.

 Got cake somemore!!! And i'm not kidding, the cake is awesomeeeeeeeee (Y)(Y)!!

and 6 cute photos of my younger brother, Bo Le, haha. Cute right he? Yeah but sometimes he can be damn irritating lol. Oh well. He's having his swimming test (new version) next friday, so all the best to him :) haha. No swimming test all change to like life saving already. I completed the old one till gold star. Wonder if i should continue life saving haha. Maybe. Shall blog tomorrow to show you guys my present. Dont expect much, very little only LOL.

Taiga from Toradora! 

so i'm gonna end this post with a merry christmas song from " Toradora! " .. Its a nice anime, you guys should watch it haha. Is like romance, school life, and comedy like that. So presenting you 'Holy Night' by Taiga and Ami (p/s not full version.)

its a really nice song okay haha. One of my x'mas song this year :)

thats all from me today.  need go do homework already LOL x.x Byeees~~ and enjoy christmas hohoho :D


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