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hi, do me a favour and click my nuffnang advs okay? *winks*
LOL! Afternoon people, something epic just happened to me today right at the start of my day. Okay .. so here's my story before i blog about something else, skip this part if you're not interested.

So, i woke up at like 12pm ++ thinking that it was like 10am in the morning. The moment i reach for my phone and take a look at the time i was like: " FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !!! DEEEP SHITT!!" Why? Because ytd, i told gwen i would meet her for lunch at like 12 pm @ tpy central and plus i had a meet up for my blogshop and cca at 1pm!! I was like omf and then went to reply their smses and calls, and i skipped cca haha awesome .. with mummy's approval somemore hehe!  

yup and so here's my lunch + breakfast lol, brunch. Curry chicken rice (jap food) + ice lemon tea. Did i ever tell you guys that i love ice lemon tea so much that i can drink it everyday? Haha. Yes, i can.
okay la, anws i not going to blog again today cause one i woke up late, two i have not finish writing my xmas cards like omg x.x So yeah post some photos and videos for you guys to enjoy and kill time haha. Ps for not putting much effort into this post *guilty*

 things arrived from gmarket. Photo taken with my n9, edited with photoscape hehe. I like the outcome of the photo after i edited it. Got a little bit og instagram feel .. LOL whatever,

and here are the grab bags that i'm selling away at $10 each from my blogshop. Inside consist of 8 items: 1 random gift, 2 anti-radiation stickers, 2 hair accessories and 3 pairs of earrings. Not bad right? Wuite worth it hor? Haha, there's only 5 of them now, 2 of them pending, meeting up the buyer later so its like 3 left haha. First come first serve. ordering more stocks to make more grab bags hehe.

so yup that concludes what i want to blog about haha awww sorry. So enjoy the following videos below.

btws anyone knows who is dee kosh? He's freaking awesome! Too me la. I know there are always haters of some people out there but i'm not one of any lol. Recently, i watched his videos in youtube and i like his sense of humour haha., He's pretty witty in a way haha. Gonn post some of his videos here, yup.
So recently, the taxis surcharge fare went up, and the mrt is having problems .. right?

dee kosh have this like SMRT song and i think its pretty creative haha. His dance moves are cute hahahahah.

and so this is one of my favourite video from him. It got my laughing lots haha so yeah. Xiaxue is inside also.

interested to watch more of dee kosh videos, click here and have fun.

okay la okay la thats all for today gonna chiong xmas cards ad got to leave house for blogsgop meet up soon. byees~~ shall blog tmr again hehe


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