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Hi peeps, i'm going to korea todaqy!!! Yeah, so happy haha. This is my second time going to korea, the 1st i went was when i was like damn young -.- less than the age of 10 lol. So can't really remember much from there. Had a hard/fun time packing luggages with mum till late midnight haha. So done our final check and slacking at home until its time to go out.

had a hard time choosing clothes and mum say its gonna be damn cold there. I wanted to bring more clothes, those pretty ones i bought then mummy say i waste space ._. also true la but i girl want, being vain is acceptable :D hehe. And i'm bringing mummy's ipad there, so i'm going to blog at korea if there's wifi or on the plane. Hmmm ... But i can't promise that there will be any pictures related to the trip in my post! LOL. Because i pad that usb port only can fo iphone .. so yeap. 

If only i can wear as chio as her in korea LOL.Sigh, 人家爱美但是同时也不想让自己冷死. LOL Yeah it means that i don't wanna sacrifice myself looking nice while i, you know, freeze there haha. Once you got a cold on a tour, you know you're screwed.

okay, i'm slowly getting a hang on to the new blogger, haha. Gonna buy some gifts back for valerie, melissa, gwendolyn and amanda. And liting too! Those die-hard kpop fans LOL. P/s i not very interested into kpop but that does not mean i hate kpop! I do listen to 'some' korean songs but yeah i'm more on the jpop side, sorry. Not saying which is better, neither am i a hater. Really. 

Obviously when go korea, is must shop right?!?! Who goes overseas and do zero shopping anws -.- okay there might be some people like that but minorities lol. So, here are some of the shops which i think is a "must" go and hopefully i get to shop there haha:



Of course must go 'Etude House' what!! Haha, they sell beauty products from korea so if i were to buy etude products from korea wouldn't it be like damn much cheaper?!?! Hehe, typical singaporean - where cheaper then buy from where hahaha.  I really like etude a lot, so yeah.

and of course another must go shop place is 'The Face Shop'. Many people are telling me how cheap are their product when you buy them at korea! Buy at cheaper price = save more money = can buy more other things LOL. Sigh, i'm only 15 and i'm going to have a cheapskate mindset + aunty thinking but whatever la! 

Hehe, i'l probably look like her when i'm korea. Yeah, the long hair version of her haha and yup i do wear specs. Just you know during zilian/self shots i would take out my specs so hopefully i looking pretty w.o specs lol. I know there's something call contact lenses, many people ask me to wear it but i can't, i got freaking freaking really sensitive skin. What has it got to do? You know the inside part of your eye lids? You know when you flip out, the red parts? Yeah, its darn sensitive too LOL. If i could wear lenses, i would be wearing them now, 

like this picture, like cute only ~~ hehe.
so in case you're bored, and bored with my blog, click here: http://www.chacha.com/topic/lifestyles-condoms/gallery/1427/fun-things-to-do-with-condoms . It will kill about 1 to 3 minutes of your boredom? Yup, better than nothing LOL. Yeah i just ruin that picture above which is like so innocent with such a link.


okay, so i'll back in singapore next tuesday. Sorry for posting such a wordy post hehe, Probably cause i can't bear to part with my computer haha so have to type more!!!! Lawls. Okays, so ciaos~


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