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Familiar? Yup, its 'Lucky Star' !! Just finished this anime haha omg love the last episode so much, probably is because of the song and cheerleading *oops* haha. Sorry for being spoiler. But this anime is real nice. Its sort of comedic :).

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Summary taken from animeseason:
Portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school with a very loose humor tone. The main heroine is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and her grades remain low. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games, and she is not interested in much else.
24 episodes in total

Hehe this picture of lucky star sure is cute huh ^^. Btws have to do homework soon so gonna faster post LOL. Will post a video, which is the cheerleading part, in the last episode haha. LOLyeah i keep rewatching that part, it just make me so happy and idk why haha omg. Maybe the song plays a part hur :b hehe.

konata izumi!

Hiragi kagami. 



so gonna post the video up now! Hehe.

btws this is also Lucky Star - Opening theme: "Take It! Sailor Uniform (Motteke! Sailor Fuku)". Performed by Aya Hirano, Emiri Kato, Kaori Fukuhara, and Aya Endo. and fyeah, i'm addicted to this song LOL. Downloaded full version at gendou, and keeps on replaying it hehe.

so thats all for today and this post is my 70t0th post haha. Okay, ciaos~


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