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YAAAAAY! Got another parcel delivered to my house today ^^ haha

Went to check my blog's traffic site, omg decreasing view nowadays >:!!! Why !!!!!??? Maybe cause nowadays holiday then people go out etc etc. Had school today again, and tuition later. And many people are owing me money >:!!!!!!!!

So, what did i buy this time round?
It has a flavour but it can't be eaten. It can be spreaded around you but you have to wash if off.

so .. what is it?

Its actually a Skin Food Yogurt wash off mask! Banana flavoured yup. Its seriously direct from korea (you can check it on the 1st photo). I bought it online as its cheaper than those in the outlets, i suppose so. It took like 1 week plus to come, yup. Chose korea normal air mail and thank god it arrived safely at my house. omg thanks :D

I saw the seller's webpage and there were many many positive comments and people are highly recommending it, so i thought why not give it a try? Cause my face is rather dry nowadays. So for those who're interested in getting it, drop me a mail at blogshopshared@gmail.com or just visit my blogshop for it :)

More info about the mask:


See!! I promise to try blog everyday so come back and read my blog okay! If not my blog lonely how? Haha lame but whatever. Gtg for homework, just finish the few episodes of my animes which i missed haha. Gonna talk about them some time soon again. I'm thinking of adding a column at my this blog and let blogshop owners to advs their blogs and etc, more details coming up. haha so ciaos, and picture of the day:

my awesome cousin.


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