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Girls are born to shop. haha, maybe not all. but majority of the females love shopping don't they? Cute clothes, dresses, skirts and etc. So, guess where did i go today :B? i went somewhere to hunt for tops and bottoms and the things are mad worth it.

Clue 1: somewhere along the green mrt line
Clue 2: many teenagers' frequent shopping area
Clue 3: starts w/ 'B'

okay my clues are mad obvious LOL! Yeah, i went Bugis together w/ Melissa.H (best friend). Because there was a event today, 12pm to 9pm . Its my first time taking part in a 'clothes buffet', rather excited and happy haha.

(got this picture from quqiu's website)

i was reading qiuqiu's blog then i saw this buffet is like you pay $38, they give you a carrier and you can stuff as many tops/bottoms/dress/shoes etc as you can in the carrier. Is mad awesome! $38 seems expensive but not when you do this: $38 divided by the no. of tops/bottoms/dress/shoes etc you get. Now, everything seems cheaper right :B? The items there are nice, not bad, suitable for me heehee.
(got this picture from quqiu's website)

This is the size of the carrier. It seems actually kinda small :/ and not stretchable so you must be skillffull in stuffing your things inside haha. But most of the people are able to stuff in 7 to 8 items in this bag so yup. i manage to stuff in 3 shorts, 4tops. Not bad for first timer haha. But Mel.H stuffed 1 shorts and 8 clothings haha. So here are some of the pictures of the items i bought:

love the bow!

i was rather dissappointed cause i could not manage another 2 of my wants:

this black-heart printed cardigan. It was oos by the time it was my turn for the buffet >:
(got this picture from quqiu's website)

and this floral top.
(got this picture from quqiu's website)

Arghhh!! So frustrating >: Gonna start saving money after spending so much at one go and also to save up for the next buffet :D Hehe gonna follow Millys's and Qiuqiu for more update on it. I like QiuQiu's blog for one reason is that she usually introduce things at a very cheap and affordable price and the things are pretty cute too! Yeah, i do watch her clicknetwork's Budget Barbie series too haha. So yup thats all for today. Have to start sept holiday homework soon. but for me that 1 week of holiday is not even holiday lor -.- is more of like school still. Haha. Ciaos~ gonna blog again, someday soon :b


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