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This is epic. Haha, well today is Day 1 for 'Science Buskers' (mentioned in ytd's post). I'll upload the pictures then roughly summarise my day, yup. Since there is 2 part for the busking , 10.30am - 12.30pm & 2.30pm - 4.30pm, i'm going to break it into 2 parts (same post but yeah). i actually bought my camera down, specially went charged the battery for the event but in the end, i used my hp to take the photos instead ._.

Part 1 (10.30am - 12.30pm)

Joanne told kamesh that we need to meet 9am, plaza singapura. So we reach there about 9.05am yet nobody is there yet -.- everyone just left school!!! So me, kamesh and shaohuang (met him otw) stone at one corner until those contestants from our school came, which is like 10am! Omg. So we somehow waited for almkost an hour, we're helpers btws haha.

went to register to get my voting currencies (the term for it) and got free gift :D

foldable bottle and my voting currencies and of course la, vote for my friends :D
you're given 5 votes/person you can like use all for 1 team.

our helium balloons flew up



If you're wondering why are there like so many primary school kids, well for the first session of busking, basically there are like big groups of primary school students came for this event. Actually to support their own teams. But they're a bunch of cute kids and rather active haha. So for the first session, our main targets are: children. So my friends did lots of experiments for them while me and kamesh just going around helping out or to adv. for our school teams. Yeah, we went to plaza sing, walk around the mall and went to get people to visit our booth LOL! So ps siah! Hopefully not on STOMP >: my mum read STOMP lots. There are also people taking photos/videos and i think i'm caught in some of them but oh well. Once in a lifetime, if i look unglam .... o(T.T)o !!!!!

Part 2 (2.30am - 4.30pm)

Pass Mr.Chia the money and reciept. Took this photo as evidence and MMS to mdm low LOL

i think this picture is best picture of the day haha!
awesome photography by me \m/

shaohuang pedo face

For the 2nd session, our school friends came!! Yeah to show their support for us haha. So the no. of our votes gradually increases of course haha. Had lots of fun playing/fooling around but we did do some serious work okay! Haha. I ran for a few errands but for the all the errands, i went to buy things from DAISO LOL! Cause is like the place where you can find anything at a cheaper price. Everything $2. So we chit-chat, demo experiment, buy drinks etc etc. Then around 4pm, everybody left haha. Either went to shop around plaza sing, other places or to go home.

The top 10 results are released around 5 o'clock or something? Yeah. And ..

TAAA-DAAAA! OMG! Amazingly all 5 beatty teasms got into the top 10! Top 10 in overall, top 5 in secondary category. (Green ones - primary school category, Blue ones - secondary school category). Good job guys!! Haha. Hope you guys can maintain and win and make beatty proud ^^

and we also wish & sang 'happy birthday' to Rizuan!
His birthday was ytd, so is like a late celebration. Hope he likes his presents and cards~

After tht we'll go home and rest haha. Tired legs, tired brain. There is 2 more days for the busking, so all the best to my friends! I'll go down spam votes and hopefully those who're reading this are free to come down and join us! Ciaos~


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