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Some awesome pictures to show you guys, is mad sexy! And i'll narrate the story out according to what happened that day. (Rejoice if you're a pedophile :X) And if you like this post, please spam click my nuffnang ads please!! LOL, i feel so mean for using my baby cousin for ... *AHEM*

As you know, i've a baby cousin and she's called KaiLin. Haha yeah if you look through some of my post you can find her being mentioned and her photos. She has lots of fans okay LOL! Mainy my friends haha. She's very active and random, also smart.

It happened a few days ago ...
Maid: Kailin go pompom (bathe) already. So smelly.
KaiLin: Nooo~ not smelly! I dont want D:
Maid: KaiLin faster go bathe!
KaiLin: i dont want~~

*(MY) Daddy came in carry her*
Daddy: go bathe already la eeee seee so smelly.
KaiLin: *cry* noooooooo i dont want i dont want i dont WAAAAAAAAANT
*Daddy bring her to me, bro and cousin*
Daddy: see, ask jie jie kor kor smell
Me, brother, cousin: eeeeee so smellly la. kailin faster go bathe!

*finally she went to bathe and then come out running into my room*

(she's asking us to smell her cause she bathe finish already LOL!!)

and she stood there and let me take picture of her HAHA!

she went to like stretch her neck out to my nose and ask me to smell LOL!

Some pictures after she put on clothes:



HAHA omg i so fortunate to have such cute bay cousin kyaaa ~ o(^^)o
i've lots of pictures of her haha and she sang happy birthday for me on my birthday! I mentioned that right? The recording is still in my phone haha, will upload if possible :b

thats all for my post.
Amelyn's making new blogskin for my new blog ^^ yaaaaay, love her lots :D


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