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today i went marsiling w/ mum to collect blogshop stuff. lol like finally! Cause supplier keep changing meet up last min and here was once i went down to marsiling and wait about 7.15 or so, but she didn't come. She also didn't reply my msgs or calls lols. Oh well, since its over just forget about it then.

sorry for the quality of the photos. haha. well next week is gonna be a busy one, lots of tests and omg i'm not prepared for all my tests yet. Ya while saying that, i'm using com to blog ._. LOL! Gonna change blog link reaaaaaaaaaal sooooooooooooooooon!! and profile picture haha. Ciaos~ off for homework

oh and my fucking com is down >: all my things gone. blogshop stuff have to re save and etc argh so ma fan. should save everything in thumbdrive for back up in first place:/ gonna have to wait for dad to come back from china then can send my com for service. and that reminds me: i have to pack my room or else when dad is home on monday, GG.COM

so good luck to me packing my room, i think confirm fail one lor lol.

can't remember if i post this song before or not


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