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Hi people! Gonna blog a little before dinner. i'm going to change my blog link again haha. Have a feel choices for blog links but still thinking hehe. going to help Lena (my playmate :D) w/ something. I seriously love her because she's understanding and constantly supporting my blogshop! Either instock or preorders haha.

This is a nuffnang event, where all bloggers can feel free to join :)

Her name is Lena, can add her in facebook here.

So do me a favour by helping me to vote for here blog.
You can do it in just 2 simple steps, casting of vote is easy, just click click click :D
But sadly, each person can only vote once LOL! So do help to spread around and support her!!

Step 1:
Go to and like this page.

Step 2:
Then you go to and cast your vote

But you'll be directed to here first:

this is actually a page for those who are interested in taking part this contest to join.

Just click on the part i circled and proceed your vote :)

So have fun voting for LENA ( and support for her blogshop ( too :D

ciaos~ off for dinner. Mad hungry %$#^%$&%$@&%$*@&


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