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haha. Everyone is like wishing Singapore through facebook, twitter, blogs and etc haha.

Even google :D!

I think i need to send my com for service soon, again. Well is keeps like hang awhile or suddenly screen black out for few seconds. And its really lagging like shit -.- okay la, not really that bad, is just laggier than usual haha. And i'm proud of myself for doing my homework haha, finished about 3/4 or so. My mood today isn't really good or normal but its also not that bad. Is just somewhere half half of good and bad mood. (Sorry kamesh if i as rude to you over sms, i don't feel like texting x.x really sorry)

Anyways, yesterday was school's celebration of national day. I find it rather fail but its okay, except for the fucking wasp invaded our classroom for about 15 mins or so. I hate bees, wasp or whatever in their family. Cause they have this freaking sting at their ass >: and i scared getting stung b it. I got chased by bees before and it wasn't a fucking pleasant experience. Imagine you stone there then you ear it go "BZZZZZZZZZZZ" all around you and worst land on you. OMG NO! So i ran. Yeah i ran from it, which most people would say that its not a wise choice cause it will still come after you. But at least i'm not that stupid by attacking it.

After school' went home used computer then bathe > out to NEX to meet Melissa Heng!!
Haha , my best best friend ever Known each other since primary 5. And she is god damn pretty okays! So we meet up together w/ her other friends weiqi, brenda and alvina. They're nice people haha. Friendly, yup. So ... we watched:



Haha yup. Its rather a nice and epic show. Comedy. romance and animals haha. I don't want to be a spoiler but i can roughly briefly narrate the storyline out. Is just animals teaching the guy (main chracter, Griffin) to get his 'mate'. Then went through all sorts of nonsense and the animals can even talk haha. In the end ..... go watch the movie yourself :D


today morning i woke up due to my father started drilling and repairing my wardrobe around 8 plus so yeah. Then shop around online then started doing homework then no long after, my bro and my mum started to have war and things got pretty ugly -.- can hear my brother screaming vulgar at my mum. Yeah, fyi my brother is only primary 3. Ya and because of my brother and my mum' is being indecisive, it somehow ruin my day/mood.

Oh well forget about it -.- shall finish the rest of my homework and watch some animes to relax. Test starts next week and i'm unprepared. Ciaos~


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