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Not going to post the usual stuff which i would normally. Today was fun, but there is something else bothering me. Long time, started since this year, i'm don't want to just let it be like this. It sucks, i know. And I've been constantly contradicting myself. No wait, its me who i am contradicting myself or you, who are confusing me.

Either ways, whatever i do to salvage it, it seems wrong. The way of me doing it is wrong? The method i decided is wrong? I chose to keep quiet, not to voice up, ensuring you all is fine when actually is isn't. Things were fine initially, i was tolerant, in my opinion. Yes it was my fault, its me who made the choice to say its okay its nothing. I can't blame you. Perhaps you didn't know in what way you're wrong. Maybe you're oblivious, maybe you aren't sensitive. Maybe its me, who said "its nothing, its okay".

Now, i decided to choose another method. I know, you felt it too. But whats the point without you realizing it. Things got worsen, we drift. So, once again its me, who causes it to be like this.

I'm not trying to act like as if i;m some bitch who says : "oh, just put the blame on me." or whatever god-damn-shit. Neither am i here acting pitiful, acting as if i'm so hypocrite saying i'm the one at fault.


I'm here, writing base on what i feel and what i think. If its my fault, i swear i'll accept it. Apologise. Say what you want, think what you like. I'm not saying i have given up, neither did i say i hate you. i'm still at a point of contradicting myself.

done for today, dad's gonna use the com. Ciaos


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"Embrace the glorious mess you are." - Elizabeth Gilbert
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