Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 8:09 PM with

while waiting for dinner ...

my dinner was served first haha. penang style curry chicken rice w/ pink guava juice~

stingray. their sauce is special, is sweeter than the usual ones but overall is nice.

my brother again haha. drinking his coke float

another sunday gone. room not pack, homework undone and revision not started. LOL OMG SERIOUSLY GG MAN!!!! Arghhhh gonna blog fast and start doing homework and revision. So, daddy is copming home tmr afternoon omg better write a note paste on my desk and ask him to give me more time to pack my room haha. Lena playmate went to cut bangs haha, suits her much! mad cute o(^^)o. her long long fringe doesn't really suit her ig uess, my opinion la haha.

my shirt of the day, long time since i last worn this. I know right, so bling haha.

took taxi w/ mum, bro and grandma to swimming complex. haha the sun shone down on my shirt then the sequins reflect up to the car's ceiling LOL. So nice right :D? this is w/ flash.

and this is w/o flash. love the details of the shirt.

my fringe is long again. apparently my fringe grow faster than my hair. okay it sounds like 'duh' but ya. went to trim my own fringe. not bad right :B hehe

okay okay done blogging. Enough pictures for you guys right? haha, shall blog again tmr ^^ ciaos~


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