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I loooooooooooove aloe vera facial products. Cause they are not so harsh on my skin. I personally have real bad sensitive skin.

Since i was primary 3, my face was being attacked by acne. At that time i still dont know whats pimple, acne so i didn't take care of my complexion at all. Yup, i was damn lazy haha. You can see pimple all over my forehead and my face is damn super oily. So i usually use clean water to wash it off and cleanser during morning and night. Primary 6 i went to skin center, and the recommend me some pimple cream so i use it but few months later, my skin started to peel. Too dry LOL!

I am like wow if put moisturizer > skin gets oily > pimples again.
If continues using pimple cream > skin too dry > skin peeling

either way is not what i wanted. So i started using aloe vera masks, yup. Gonna compare two product :


Faceshop's aloe vera mask:

i find it nice, relaxing and not over moist. But i think that it is not as moist as 'My beauty diary' one. I did it yesterday night, and i woke up with a non-oily skin. Yeah my skin is not oily at all, fyi i did not wash my face w/ cleanser yet when i tried touching my skin. My skin is smooth. Overall this mask has rather good control cause it doesn't make my skin oily or dry. Its really a good mask for you to do if you want to go out for a date or something. Because the moisture content is just nice.

Some mask when you finish doing it, you can see your face shimmering LOL! Cause of the mask has too much moisture. But or faceshop's i find it rather fine doing it :) It takes for about 30 - 45 mins for the mask to be fully done, as in for the mask to feel like its gonna dry up.

My Beauty Diary's aloe vera mask:

my personal favourite HAHA! Omg i'm bias buti still do like the faceshop's one but i prefer this. Why? This one i really really very moist but not too/over moist.It makes your skin feel so comfortable while doing this and even after you do this mask for 1hour or so, the mask sheet is still moist! Haha. Its real good for people with sensitive skin/dry skin as it is moist yet not that harsh. And the next day when you wake up, your face will feel better, and not really oily but sometimes when you wake up you can fee some of the moisture on your face. So i think faceshop has a rather better moist control, yeah.

but i still prefer my beauty diary haha.
okay thats for today's post, gonna get ready for tuition.

For people w/ sensitive skin like mine, i suggest you to not use those extreme products. As in extremely moist, deep moist or whatever. Its gonna cause pimple outbreaks. And do not use oil control products, because your face needs a certain amount of oil so that it would not be too dry. Choose products which are half half, for example aloe vera, honey, rice etc. Cause they're not so harsh on your skin :)

so yup thats all for today ~ ciaos ^^


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