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Long time since i hear vocaloid songs. Ever since started manga, i kinda stop that. Then now most of the animes i've been watching either finished, ro no new episode out but still on-going >: this sucks. So now i move on to ... SHOPPING! LOL! Aiya, this one never change, have been shopping everyday anyways, online. Haha, i gonna quit fastfood and snacking in class. I've quit bubbletea like 2/3 months ago. Amazing right?! I know!! haha bhb. Going to start homework soon, need to buck up some of my subjects (once again and again and again ....)

I've like bookmarked many many stuff on gmarket. And i've decided: Save money. every end our the month buy something from gmarket :D

Probably this will help to stop myself from spending over the limit. Oh ya, also i'm going to leave my ATM card home and bring min. amt of cash out. All the best to my plan (Y)!! Hopefully it doesn't fail haha.

Shall go and do my homework now :D ciaos~

i'm currently very addicted to this song. I want the full version >:!!!!!


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