Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 9:01 PM with

post number 170 :D
my tummy cramp the entire daaay );
gaaaahhhhs ._.
pain x.x

today post might be boring :/

shall start from morning (:
woke up by mum,
com awhile dhen off it.
cuz if dad is home,
he sees me on com so early,
gonna to be pissed.

dhen afterwards,
ate early lunch with him.
dhen i use com agains,
finish my ace-learning ;x!

tags brian's blog.
dhen later chat with him on msn,
suddenly quarelled.
haiix ..
i seriously hate quarelling with him :/
gaaahhh ,
ended up he disown me yeahs?
i suppose.


dhen later off,
nid to go out for high tea.
at novena, velocity that lao bei jing there.
dhen tummy cramp all the ways.
gaaahh .___.
eat eat eat.
buffet marhx :/


walk around marina square with mum and didi.
dhen later cabb-ed home.
dhen dinner dhen nw posting (;


nid to go and hang clothes.
baby uh, ps just nw bz, cnt call you.

current addiction -
brian's blogsong. and idk whys.


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Singapore // Gemini

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